About us

Faktum Software International Ltd. is a Maltese company established in 2008. Together with our sister companies in Germany and Norway, we form the company group Faktum Software.

Tony Sammut,
Managing Director
Malta Terje Kristiansen,
+49 2309 9690211,
Germany Lars Corneliussen,
+49 2309 9690216,
Germany Crystal W. Manrique,
QA/Support Engineer,
+49 2309 9690217,
Germany Georg Kverneland,
Product Owner, Fakturaoverføring.no,
+47 52 90 92 80,
Norway Morten Seglem,
+47 52 90 92 85,

Our mission

Faktum Software's mission is to help its clients to reach their ambitious business goals by delivering software that focuses on processes and automation. A modern micro-services architecture helps keeping the logic in control, and a thrilling composite UI solution gathers the pieces in a familiar and user-friendly frontend.

Technology-wise, Faktum Software is mostly operating within the .NET field, using C#/ASP.NET, NServiceBus, RavenDB, TypeScript, KnockoutJS, etc.

We are hiring! (full-time and freelance)

We are currently establishing a strong Malta-based development team to take our services to the next level.

If you are interested in working with us, please send us an application together with your CV to jobs@faktumsoftware.com.

What do we offer?

Job positions

(Senior) Mobile Developer
Design and implement a familiy of mobile applications for highly efficient data entry and monitoring. Most probably using Xamarin targeting Android, but with a possibility to form the mobile strategy.

(Senior) UX Developer
Frontend Developer with a good sense for UX. Design, implement and improve UI concepts for responsive web applications running on desktop, tablets and other mobile devices. Strong focus on efficiency, usability, layout, typography and design.

Example(s): Develop UX concepts for new modules, improve responsiveness, make UI themable.

(Senior) Full Stack Web Developer
Implement or change the web user interface plus backend components and database for new features, tweaks or bug fixes.
Example(s): Implement generic export UI with possibility to choose fields to export. Including necessary backend logic.

(Senior) Backend Developer
Implement processes and integrations between components and systems.
Example(s): Build a Google Drive or Telegram integration, introduce a new payment matching process.

Lead Developer, Full Stack
Develop strong understanding of the business domain and lead the team to build the best product possible while balancing short-term customer needs and long-term agility and quality.
Example(s): Lead by example, coach team mates, perform peer reviews

Distributed Systems Architect/Developer
Maintain and improve a message-driven microservices architecture. Responsible for scalability and infrastructure concepts.
Example(s): Find and introduce new storage concept in order to handle massive amounts of data (Azure DocumentDB, MongoDB, CouchDB, Riak, HBase, etc.), Create a proof of concept that uses Apache Spark for Azure HDInsight to deliver stream-based reporting.

Senior Business Analyst / Product Owner
Collect and manage business needs as a set of well-described buliding blocks. Work with the development team to build a compelling product.
Example(s): Host a client workshop to plan the next major release, translate customer requirements into implementable epics and stories, write release notes.

Test Automation Engineer
Develop and maintain UI and System tests.
Example(s): Introduce framework for automated UI testing, help developers write testd/testable code

Architecture and technology


The components are designed to match the business processes - always with automation in mind. The communication between components is mostly message driven.

User interaction

Most processes need to interact with users in some ways. For example through a web application , a chat program or simply E-Mail. We do not limit user-interaction to the web application, instead we try to find the best way of interaction for each user role.

To understand a user's needs we need to get an overview over which processes he interacts with.

Role-specific composite UI

The UI shows relevant information to solve the tasks per user role. Process borders fade away in a quite traditional UI with search, lists, detail views and tasks.

Behind the scenes the processes contribute to the UI through fine-grained composition. They contribute tasks, search providers and result renderers, actions and so on.


Technology stack

With the composite UI frontend, each component could potentially have its own technology stack.

Still we currently run most components with similar technology.



Development Environment

Contact us

Faktum Software International Ltd.
Apartment 21, Charles Court (Suite 60)
St. Luke’s Road
Pieta PTA1027

(Moving to new offices soon)

+356 2099 7720